Representing the best HVAC Manufacturers in North America
Whether you are a Consulting Engineer or a Contractor, we find the best equipment for your heating, air conditioning and ventilation needs.

With nearly 40 years of experience in the field of heavy commercial HVAC, our staff is ready for the challenge of meeting your unique needs and your client's special requests. No HVAC job is too difficult.

VHF Sales, Inc. (formerly Vest-Feld-Hazer) represents manufacturers that are diverse enough to improve heavy commercial environments of all kinds-- from university campuses to military bases, and from hospital isolation wards to nuclear power plants.

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Solutions for Your Heavy Commercial Environment

Air Conditioning
Humidity Control

Products Available

High Efficiency Boilers
Water Heaters

Geothermal Heat Pumps

High Performance Chimneys
Venting Systems

Automatic Flow Control Valves
Hose Kits for Heat Pumps

Replacement Coils, Chiller Barrels, Fan Coils, Tube Bundles, Air Handling Units, Cabinet Unit Heaters, and Fluid Coolers

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Classroom Unit Ventilators

Cooling Towers

HVLS fans w/gearless DC motors

Climate Master--commercial water source & geothermal heat pump systems
APV--the fine art of plate and frame heat exchangers
Bard HVAC--delivering quality control climate solutions MacroAir  
Hays Fluid Controls-- automatic flow controls and water source heat pump hose kit assemblies
USA Coil & Air-- commercial HVAC equipment--coils, fan coils, air handlers, space coolers
Delta Cooling
Security Chimneys

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